Positions to Get Pregnant

Do you want to maximize your chances by using certain positions to get pregnant? This is a consideration that many couples make when they are planning a pregnancy to start their families. This question is not new. Many cultures around the world advocate special positions that help couples in their quest to get pregnant. The suggestions for these positions vary widely by culture, so they may not be very credible. However, there are some positions that have been shown by the scientific world to slightly improve your chances of conception, so you may want to employ them during your efforts.

If you are trying to get pregnant, these positions might be worth a try, however, it is not one of the most significant factors in determining whether or not you get pregnant. It is the woman’s ovulation combined with successful sexual intercourse that result in pregnancy. Most likely, whatever you are already doing will do the job.

One position that has been shown to slightly improve the chance of conception is intercourse with the man on top, the so-called “missionary position.” This position naturally allows the man to ejaculate into the woman, with the semen flowing toward her uterus. This can be helpful for some couples who are trying to get pregnant.

Another position that can help you to get pregnant is any one of the positions that allow the couple to climax simultaneously. When a woman experiences an orgasm, the muscles of her vagina and uterus contract rapidly, helping the sperm to be drawn into the uterus. If the man ejaculates at the same time that she experiences orgasm, then this muscular action is utilized to increase the chances for conception. This fact is a strong argument to persuade you to continue with whatever positions that you as a couple both enjoy. If you can orgasm at the same time in a particular position, then this may increase your chances of getting pregnant.

One final consideration for positions that can help you to get pregnant is whether or not the semen leaks out immediately. If the semen is immediately flushed from the area after intercourse, this may reduce the chances of conceiving a baby at that time. Loss of the semen definitely does not make it impossible to get pregnant, but it may reduce the chances, and you are trying to maximize your chances.

It should be noted that sperm are capable of swimming, so you do not necessarily need to help them reach the uterus. They are naturally made to be able to accomplish this without any extra help. For the most part, trying some different positions with your partner in order to get pregnant provides more fun than scientific advantage.

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