Ovulation Calendar Express

Working with the Ovulation Calendar

When the Ovulation Calendar is run for the first time, it assumes certain parameters which need to be changed in order to adapt it to your menstrual cycle. See below the program's configuration options.

Ovulation Calendar Main Screen

 Ovulation Calendar Express on OSX

Express version for Mac


The first step is to specify your ovulation cycle. This is done clicking on the Options Button in the Windows version or modifying the settings in the main screen in the Mac version.

The options to modify are:

  • Last Period Date: Date on which your last period occurred.
  • Period Length: Number of days since the start of your last period (first day of bleeding) up to and including the day before your next period. The default value is 28 days, which is common between women.
  • Luteal Phase: Also know as Days Past Ovulation (DPA). It is the number of days after you ovulate up to the next period. For most women, this is usually 14 days.

Also in the Mac version you could specify the Discharge Length, which is the number of days you usually have the menstrual discharge.

Ovulation Calendar Options

Settings for the Express version for Mac

The calendar also allows you to select you goal in using the calendar: Conceive a Baby or Avoid Pregnancy. Selecting the desired option modifies the way the days are marked in your calendar:

  • Conceive a baby: When this option is selected, your calendar will show the best days to get pregnant as well as the possible sex of your baby if  conceived on specific days.
  • Avoid pregnancy: When selected, the calendar will show the days you must abstain from unprotected sex if you want to avoid a pregnancy.

Once the options are set according to your cycle, you may begin using the calendar. It will start showing the current month, however you can move to any month using the Previous or Next buttons.


The content of the calendar is self descriptive, showing the appropriate color and icon for each possible event during your cycle in the current month. The Legend serves as a key to understand the color codes and graphics used by the Calendar.

Ovulation Calendar Legend

Any changes made to the settings of the calendar  will be saved when you close it. 

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